This is the synthetic indoor keyword data used in our paper Indoor Top-k Keyword-aware Routing Query published in ICDE'20. The keyword set covers the following five real-world shopping malls in Hong Kong.

  1. City Plaza.
  2. Festival Walk.
  3. Harbour City.
  4. New Town Plaza.
  5. Times Square.


Download the dataset here. For more details please refer to the included readme.txt.


If you use this dataset, you are welcome to cite our paper as follows.

Indoor top-k keyword-aware routing query. Zijin Feng, Tiantian Liu, Huan Li, Hua Lu, Lidan Shou, and Jianliang Xu. Proceedings of the 36th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE), pp. 1213-1224, 2020.
  title={Indoor Top-k Keyword-aware Routing Query},
  author={Feng, Zijin and Liu, Tiantian and Li, Huan and Lu, Hua and Shou, Lidan and Xu, Jianliang},
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  • Tiantian Liu (
  • Zijin Feng (
  • Huan Li (
  • Hua Lu (
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